Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Venezuelan Politician Urges International Assistance in Medical Emergency

Of course Nicmer Evans is talking about the fact that Venezuela is suffering shortages of medications (not to mention medical equipment ) that is causing poor health and unnecessary deaths. Evans is leader of a small political party called "Socialist Tide. " This party's history is inside the Chavez movement but it is not presently part of either the Socialist Party coalition nor the opposition "Democratic Roundtable" which won a resounding victory in elections for the country’s Parliament on December 5 and took charge on January 5.
The country's economy is in very bad shape with shortages of staple foods and personal necessities. Inflation over 2015 was over 100%. The International Monetary Fund has forecast that the economy may shrink by 10% this year with a possible rate of inflation of 700%. The country's main export is petroleum. Prices for petroleum shrank from $145 a barrel in 2013 to around $27 a barrel now.
The past month shows. that neither the Government nor the opposition that dominates the parliament are confronting the urgency of the situation in Mr. Evans' opinion.  No doubt that by asking for foreign help with the medical humanitarian crisis he is hoping to focus the attention of the government and the parliament on the urgent conditions that Venezuelans now face.