Saturday, February 13, 2016

The US is at war with Venezuela

Why do I say this? Well, for one thing  Obama did officially declare Venezuela a "national security threat to the United States.

Obama  "walked it back"
unofficially and as a result of the public relations mistake the Declaration turned out to be. However, the proclamation has not been officially revoked. Venezuela built UNASUR, as opposed to the United States dominated Organization of American States. Venezuela defied sanctions against Iran. It invited Russian forces to visit. It replaced the United States as its main trading partner with China. Venezuelan diplomatic efforts resuscitated the Organization of Petroleum Exporting States.
Venezuela broke relations with Israel. It refused to accept the credentials of a United States Ambassador.

President Obama nominated Larry Palmer to be ambassador in Caracas.

Mr. Palmer answered questions about Venezuela by Sen. Lugar (R) saying that morale was low in the Venezuelan armed forces, and that Colombian reports of FARC bases in Venezuela are credible and should be investigated. 

In response, President Hugo Chavez refused to accept Palmer as U.S. ambassador.

This is an impressive list of Venezuela's "impudent" acts against US world dominance.  It would be naive to assume that these actions would go unpunished. 

Venezuela rejected the assignment of Larry Palmer as United States Ambassador.

Venezuela is now going through a series of epidemiological problems with mosquito borne zika, malaria, dengue and chickenguya cases compounding Shortages of medications, medical equipment, high protein foods, and physicians. (There is reason to believe that zika is also a sexually transmitted disease - a serious threat in a country where condoms are difficult to find and priced beyond the means of most people.) The government is loath to use the words "medical (or humanitarian) emergency" fearing that this could be a prelude to a style Haiti "humanitarian intervention."

This 2013 video could have been made yesterday. Haiti after a "humanitarian intervention."

Now That the  United States backed and funded  opposition dominates the country's legislative branch it is pushing for a declaration of a humanitarian crises in Venezuela. 

The United States has a history of waging unconventional warfare Against Civilian Populations.
Socialist Cuba is Mobilized Against insect borne diseases. 

United States Drug Enforcement Agency and Special Forces are based in Colombia, while Hugo Chavez expelled United States Drug Enforcement agents for interference in its internal affairs.