Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jeff Bezos uses his Washington Post to attack Bernie Sanders, wants intervention in Venezuela

Two days ago the Washington Post called for intervention in Venezuela.

I would be the first one to urge the United States to help Venezuela through its current travails. The problem is that the United States tends to give the kind of help anyone could do without. Just look at Vietnam,  Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria.  So as much as I know that Venezuela could really use some help,  right now I'll have to be opposed to any idea of the United States "jumping in to help" Venezuela. I'm not going to post a list of Venezuela's problems here. Anyone can look them up.

Jeff Bezos ' Washington Post beats up on Bernie Sanders regularly and often. 

Jeff Bezos has big business dealings with both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the CIA.  When Jeff Bezos says he wants something to happen it's no joke. He's the nineteenth richest person on earth.

One problem Venezuela has I will talk about. Two really: Jeff Bezos and Hillary Clinton.  Jeff wants an intervention in Venezuela,  Hillary Clinton is great for destroying nations in order to save them and it appears that Hillary and Jeff are connected.

Jeff Bezos is an exploiter of cheap labor via his ownership of Amazon as well as a billion dollar stake in Uber. Hillary Clinton says she's proud of having been a member of the Board of Directors of Wallmart.