Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cuba bites the bullet on human rights. Venezuelans await a miracle.

In serious, Barack Obama did take a bold step in a good direction. Cuba had to bite the bullet and accept that the United States internal affairs are their own business.

I'm half seriously starting to suspect that indeed, there are humanoid reptilians among us and in power in most places. Cold blooded and without true human emotions. 

Today I saw a picture of a sonagram of the soon to be born child of my wife's favorite nephew in Venezuela. I also saw pictures taken today of the nephew and mother to be. They are skinny as rails, it's sad, angering and upsetting.  When I saw them 14 months ago he was a muscled young man, a construction laborer.

They are both anemic.  Amazing, in Venezuela you can get a sonogram done but can't find enough food , or medicine, or supplements. 

Venezuela was an oil rich country that was awash in cash and all it could buy but four years ago. By the government's incompetence,  or worse, the door was left open for a $450,000,000,000 (!) swindle that leaves Venezuela mired in debt, unable to produce it's own food and medicine and, having stiffed suppliers in Uruguay unable to find food on credit.

Up to this very day connected people are being  given US dollars by the Government for ten bolivars while the illegal parallel market offers 1211,  bolivars per dollar, so the bleeding continues.

A combination of a drought and mismanagement of the Guri Dam, which generates most of the country's electricity,  has led to power and water shutdowns.  The government just gave everyone Easter Week off from work to nurse what's left.

Imagine being pregnant and anemic, having to stand on line in 90 plus degree heat for hours in order to get a bag of flour, some margarine and some cooking oil, dodging thieves on your way to your darkened home that doesn't have even a fan to cool you. As you try to sleep you are being eaten alive by mosquitoes and other little critters,  some cariyng Zika perhaps, or dengi fever, or malaria or chikunguya.

This while your allegedly socialist government and its allegedly democratic opponents talk of reviving the economy but not of tracking down and recuperating the stolen billions.
How are they going to do that. Seriously..