Friday, May 20, 2016

Venezuelan Socialist Accuses Government

The following is an enhanced machine translation from the original Spanish to English of an interview of the Venezuelan political leader, Nicmer Evans.  It's been edited by me to make it more understandable to English speakers who are not familiar with the situation in Venezuela. While I am not a member of Marea Socialista or a follower, I find their emphasis on the embezzlement of hundreds of billions of dollars from Venezuela and opposition to the determination of both the government and the opposition to pay the external debt regardless of the harm done to Venezuela and legality of much of this debt to be the "missing link" in all discourse regarding the crisis in Venezuela. Understanding that hundreds of billions of dollars have been embezzled and shipped out leaving a crisis of material deprivation and an enormous foreign debt helps clarify the situation. 

   Nícmer Evans: "Maduro betrayed the legacy of Chavez"
Nícmer Evans: "Maduro betrayed the legacy of Chavez"By Carlos"There is more pandering and perfidious, perverse and miserable corruption," says Evans Nicmer, political scientist, social psychologist and leader of Marea Socialista Carlos Diaz 
"The economic, social and political crisis in Venezuela is the result of ineptitude, paralysis and lack of planning by the government of President Nicolas Maduro," said Nicmer Evans , political scientist, social psychologist and leader of Socialist Tide, in an interview with "The Reason".
"Urgent measures are needed to solve the main problems of the country. First, make a call to the countries that have benefited from the solidarity of Venezuela (countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and others that have received cheap oil from Venezuela - editor) to provide drugs while we solve the economic issue .Many people are dying from lacks there is no medicine for epilepsy, cancer or heart conditions. It is absurd that this happens in a country that has received billions of dollars of oil wealth , " he added.
The second proposal aims for greater public participation in executive decision making , said Evans. "Acts such as preventing Marea Socialista from participating in the electoral process while the governing Psuv requires multiple steps to collect the signatures of the recall are absurd and incoherent, situations especially when Chavez never resorted to methods such as these."  he said.
"Venezuela is paying an unpayable foreign debt and does so at a time when people die for lack of medicines. It is miserable for people to lose their lives for this situation, this is not socialism, this is a Kakistocracy or government of the worst and which is absolutely inept " he said.

"Maduro melted engines"

Is it necessary that Maduro Maduro leaves power?
All this poses the change of the government of President Maduro. In that sense, Marea Socialista is respectful of the call made for the recall referendum. However, we disagree with misleading the people by saying that the country's problems will end the day after Maduro leaves office. It is the same deception that took place during the elections of December 6 when they (the opposition- editor) promised people that the food queues would end the next day if the opposition won. We must overcome impunity, ie require sacrifice from those who robbed the country before asking those who live honestly by their own work.

Hasn't the government put in  measures such as the creation of the National Council of Productive Economy and Economic Emergency Decree?

They do not work because they respond to communications or propagandistic strategies that do not generate any results. It's just populism and does not produce any recovery in the economy.That is, the government has a socialist discourse that does not conform with its practice in reality. ( In words) Maduro is not implementing the actions from the right, but the bad actions of the government is far from their rhetoric and unfortunately end up doing most harm. (Maduro has proclaimed what he calls economic engines, such as tourism (!)- editorMaduro melted these engines by calling the private sector to run the economy and the Council appointed an entrepreneur as economy minister (Miguel Perez Abad) in a supposedly socialist government.

They stole 457 billion dollars

In the last three years has there been a deterioration of the Venezuelan State?

The government of President Chavez was  defined as having its subject: those living from their work and who were( previously) excluded from the system. Today, the government of President Maduro has defined an entirely different political subject: Living from the other's work. Unfortunately, the distribution of quotas in the power and economy to support his government has led to a serious deterioration. During the government of Venezuelan President Chavez each worker on average earned $ 600 a month and today does not exceed $ 15, and may reach $10 in the next three months. It is unworthy that most Venezuelans pay for the crisis that led those who stole more than 300 billion dollars, according to what Maduro admitted in February; although we estimate that it's 457 billion. This has been the world's largest scam and there was responsibility of the government teams Chavez and Maduro. the same of the Fourth Republic, (old regime) ie, capital flight and corruption are reproduced. There may be responsible for those who are not, because he's dead, but the culprit is alive and is called Nicolas Maduro.
From where will popular discontent come? Are there are conditions for another social explosion as the Caracazo? (A major uprising that the old regime drowned in blood-editor).
That depends largely on the position of the (opposition  ) Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD). The MUD has called for rallies and marches to push out Maduro and has not held a well attended one. But when they called to sign the recall itself there were a lot of people, and that must be recognized. However, these people were deceived because they were told that if they replace Maduro it was going to end shortages of food and medicine. So said the leaders of the MUD put up signs that unfortunately was giving distorted information. The opposition is offering what it will not fulfill: because the solution not only is beyond Maduro leaving which is one of the steps. The opposition does not offer any alternative to exit the crisis.

MUD Ni, Ni Psuv (Neither the oppositionists nor the governing party).

What is your assessment of the new National Assembly (AN) ? Has it been as inoperative as when it was in the hands of Chavez?
Same or worse. Surveys say that AN has 20 points less in public approval because they did not fulfill their promise to end the queues, shortages and inflation. Discontent against the PSUV and MUD continues to increase, more than 50% of the Venezuelan population is not identified with any of both leaderships. This opens up possibilities to break the polarization and thus they are preventing the legalization of the Marea Socialista as an electoral party because they know that our choice would mean loss of votes for the PSUV and the MUD. The only agreement that exists in the country is the cosmic dust and sand beach Ramos Allup said in January 2015 when he referred to the different polarization electoral options.
If the recall referendum would be held tomorrow, do you think that Maduro would lose or would he be victorious?
I have no doubt, President Maduro has no chance of winning . He not betrayed the people win because he thought he would continue the legacy of President Chavez because he frustrated the expectation he generated with the Dakazo in December 2013. At that time it was thought that his government would be hard on price regulation, however today most prices are market based and his rhetoric is limited to only a fetish against Polar. ( The major food processing and distribution company - editor) addition, it has grown breed integrated military importers who benefit from government commissions.

No danger of military coup

Is Maduro hurting Chavismo?
Maduro is to Chavismo what cancer was for President Chavez. He is doing fatal damage that needs to be corrected. If President Chavez was alive, no doubt, would have different conditions for the evaluation of the national situation. There is a discontent with Maduro's Chavismo that should have electoral expression and, even, might win against the PSUV and the MUD.
Is there a danger of a military coup ?
No. There is a predominant sector that benefits from the government through corruption. There is another sector that seek to preserve the institutional balance. It is very difficult to have a military coup, however, who do speak of this possibility is Diosdado Cabello and Padrino López. Both have direct participation in this possibility or handle information not shared with society. And of course, all Venezuelans have the right to know what happens within the National Armed Forces.
Is socialism no longer viable in Venezuela?
No. Maduro's management portrayed the left as not being democratic and not trusting the people. The Venezuelan people do not believe in the right, or the possibility of a government that claims to be leftist and does not take the necessary measures.Maduro is not neoliberal but neither is left.

"There is a perverse corruption"

Who created the bachaqueo ?, What sectors are enriched with this distortion of the economy?(bachaqueros are people who buy subsidized price controlled goods and then sell them for higher prices -editor)
The product bachaqueo is an absolutely unworkable economic model in the country.
In the last three years it has increased corruption in government?
I think not,  because there is less money to steal. If more pandering than before, there is a more perverse and miserable most perfidious corruption. Today is greater discretion for the allocation of resources, there is no comptroller on the use of public resources.
Has the flight of capital from the country stopped?
Thete are no figures to measure that. We estimate that between 1999 and 2013  274 billion dollars were embezzled from the state and we have reported on a cash imbalance of PDVSA (The National Petroleum Company-editor) of 215 billion dollars. That is, we do not know where 457 billion dollars are, though surely out of the country. President Maduro urged that all that absconded money be reinvested in the country, although ihe did not recognize that it is ill-gotten capital. It is important that all this money is returned and reinvested in the country. Unfortunately, we do not see any political will in the government of Maduro.

"Lynching is a symptom of impunity"

Did the government lose control over the problem of crime?
That is part of an accumulation since the Fourth Republic and is related to impunity and the deterioration process. It is a very strong structural problem that is due to the absence of the (revolutionary- editor) transformation of the judiciary. This has meant that impunity is unstoppable and that only those with money can buy justice.
Why has there been increased lynchings?
Lynching is a symptom of impunity, which arises because of the absence of rule of law and justice. It has been micro major crises that have manifested themselves through looting and that sum diagnosed a serious problem but it is still not a like a Caracazo social upheaval.That means that there is a political consciousness in Venezuela, strengthened during the government of President Chavez and which is allowing overcoming this critical moment.