Thursday, December 17, 2015

Venezuela - US clash on the horizon - Free Efrain Campos and Francisco Flores - Hands Off General Nestor Reverol

Efrain Campos, and  Francisco Flores, said to be close relatives of Venezuela's activist First Lady are due in Federal Court in Manhattan today to answer charges of plotting to smuggle 800 kilos of cocaine into the United States. The two, reportedly possessing diplomatic passports,  we're arrested in Haiti November 17 and transported to New York by agents of the corrupt Drug Enforcement Agency.  Reports conflict as to whether the pair are planning to plead not guilty to the charges or are negotiatin guilty pleas. In that case they'd be exchanging supposed information against other Venezuelans for leniency from the prosecution.

It's also reported yesterday that an indictment against Venezuelan National Guard chief General Nestor Reverol for drug smuggling (was pending).  If this indictment is delivered it will set the stage for a serious confrontation between Venezuela and the United States.
The United States Drug Enforcement Agency is a corrupt organization that enforces a corrupt, phony and racist "drug war" which in Colombia appears to be a campaign on behalf of one cocaine cartel on behalf of another and inside their United States primarily a war against people of color, with illegal drugs virtually decriminalized for well to do whites. Wall Street traders are one group of notorious cocaine users who appear to be immune to prison. 

Reuters : US set to indict Venezuelan general on drug smuggling allegations.
Venezuela is undergoing a political and economic crisis. it has been extremely polarized as it is beset with galloping inflation and shortages.  A political confrontation between Chavistas and their US backed opposition is boiling over in the wake of December 6th's legislative election. 
I've written about the Venezuelan situation in my blog Redeye Taxi. While I am critical of the government of Venezuela I believe that the opposition is worse, and that solutions to the country's problems are possible through a thorough review, rectification and relaunch of the Chavista Bolivarian process. There is quite possibly going to be a clash on the day the new National Assembly is due to convene. The ruling coalition is seeking an investigation of the almost two million spoiled ballots cast in the recent the recent voting. The PSUV regards the electoral outcome as less a victory by the opposition than a defeat for the Chavista movement inflicted by disgruntled Chavista voters and not an endorsement of the neo liberal policies likely to be brought in by the opposition.  Discontent was expressed, a desire to return to the pre Chavez system was not. A great deal is at stake  impacting the people and their lives in serious ways. 

For Venezuela's stability and the well being of its people this is the worse time to face a possible confrontation reminiscent of the kidnapping of Manuel Noriega in Panama.

The  drug war is a failure and a fake.  It would be a terrible crime if the United States or an OAS surrogate were to invade the country in order to execute an arrest warrant from a United States court.